Vitamin C is probably one of the most famous if not the most famous vitamin for its connection to immune health. As important as that function is, vitamin C also helps to keep our cartilage, bone, and teeth healthy. It also helps in wound care.

Vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy, a condition that causes your body to bruise easily and causes muscle and joint pain as well. Vitamin C is one of those vitamins where an overdose will not harm you, although side efefcts such as heartburn and kidney stones can result.

Food sources of Vitamin C

Food NameFood TypeServing
% DV (daily value)
PapayaPlant1 medium224
Bell PeppersPlant1 cup157
BroccoliPlant1 cup135
Brussels SproutsPlant1 cup129
StrawberriesPlant1 cup113
PineapplePlant1 cup105
OrangesPlant1 medium93
KiwifruitPlant1 whole85
CantaloupePlant1 cup78
CauliflowerPlant1 cup73
KalePlant1 cup71
CabbagePlant1 cup69
Bok ChoyPlant1 cup59
GrapefruitPlant1/2 medium59
ParsleyPlant1/2 cup54
Turnip GreensPlant1 cup53
Beet GreensPlant1 cup48
Mustard GreensPlant1 cup47
Collard GreensPlant1 cup46
RaspberriesPlant1 cup43
Swiss ChardPlant1 cup42
TomatoesPlant1 cup33
Lemons and LimesPlant1/4 cup31
SpinachPlant1 cup24
AsparagusPlant1 cup18
Sea VegetablesPlant1 tablespoon16
FennelPlant1 cup14
ThymePlant2 tablespoon10
Sweet PotatoPlant1 cup52
Winter SquashPlant1 cup26
Green PeasPlant1 cup26
BlueberriesPlant1 cup19
CranberriesPlant1 cup18
WatermelonPlant1 cup16
Green BeansPlant1 cup16
Summer SquashPlant1 cup13
CarrotsPlant1 cup10
PlumPlant1 2-1/8 inches8
GarlicPlant6 cloves7
BasilPlant1/2 cup5
DillPlant1/2 cup5
Romaine LettucePlant2 cups5
PotatoesPlant1 cup22
AvocadoPlant1 cup20
OnionsPlant1 cup15
BananaPlant1 medium14
ApplePlant1 medium11
PearPlant1 medium10
BeetsPlant1 cup8
LeeksPlant1 cup6
ApricotPlant1 whole5
CeleryPlant1 cup4
CucumberPlant1 cup4
PeppermintPlant2 tablespoon3
CilantroPlant1/2 cup3
Food sources of Vitamin C