Tips to stay sane during the COVID-19 pandemic


Tips to stay sane during the covid-19 pandemic. Stay in control of your life and mental health #covid19 #coronavirus

How to lose 12 pounds in 6 weeks

Lose weight concept with person on scale measuring kilograms

With my new weight, I still had a normal BMI, but I was borderline overweight. By the way, for those who do not know, BMI stands for body mass index, and it is a way to categorize your weight based on your height. You can use BMI to identify if you are at a healthy […]

8 Tips to Declutter Your Home and Ease the Burden on the Landfill


Commercialism is a big part of modern life. The packages look so cool, and you have mastered the art of convincing yourself you need to buy something more. I have done it, and you likely have too! The point of this article isn’t to point fingers because it’s a western problem; it is ingrained in […]

Parental Anxiety When You Have Picky Kids

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I am not a doctor, but I read a lot regarding kids’ issues, and I use my intuition to come to a conclusion. I can guarantee that in many cases, the anxiety we have regarding what our children eat contributes to the problem. Hold up for a second; this is not meant to be a […]

10 strategies for feeding picky kids healthy foods

Kid not wanting to eat vegetables

As parents, we want the best for our children, which includes feeding them food with all the colors of the rainbow. It doesn’t help when the pediatrician sends you home with brochures requiring your kids to eat one and a half cup of veggies per day. You’ll be lucky if she eats that for the […]

How to wash your hair with bentonite clay

Aztec Secret Bentonite Clay

Commercialism is a double-edged sword, but once you understand the game, they will never win again. As a Jamaican born American woman, I have kinky hair. Kinky hair means extremely tight curls. For decades kinky-haired people like me had no other choice but to use products designed for European typed hair. I have bought and […]

Building an effective laundry detergent

grated castile soap

My son is still in preschool and he comes home with a variety of staining from tomato soup to playground filth. The only product I have ever used to treat his stained clothes is Castile Bar soap. The oils from the soap cling to the stains while the surfactants wash it off. For stubborn stains, […]

How a $10 chicken made 4 meals

Grilled bbq spicy chicken legs on a metallic background

Before I explain the technique, let me first hope that you find a good source for chicken. You want to avoid chickens that are raised without antibiotics and if possible you should buy organic. I have run into organic chickens at very affordable prices. I avoid buying meat at retailers known for being cheap unless […]

15 Habits To Eating Healthy on a Tight Budget

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The good news is, more and more restaurants, supermarkets and food suppliers have responded to the eating healthier trends. Eating healthy is not only for hippies. It is not just a ‘thing’; it is how everyone should eat. Eating healthier contributes to a longer and better quality of life. I am a little frugal so […]

11 Things You Should Never Do With Castile Soap

washing hands with soap

1. Mix It With Epsom Salt Here is a little bit of chemistry lesson for those who haven’t been in a high school classroom in decades (like myself). Two categories of substances are basis and acids. Bases or alkaline are substances that are usually slippery and bitter as a taste. Bases have a PH that […]